Pakatan is turning the Speaker’s appointment into 1MDB 2.0

Pakatan Harapan is so desperate to claim the moral high ground. They want Malaysians to see Pakatan Harapan as the innocent victim of an evil plot and foul conspiracy. And they want Malaysians to believe that the victim in this whole thing is not just Pakatan Harapan but all Malaysians and that democracy is under attack.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

The Pakatan Harapan people feel like kicking themselves for losing the government. Their frustration is so visible in their ranting you can almost see them foaming at the mouth like rabid dogs. The way Pakatan Harapan collapsed is so stupid that it is unbelievable.

Even a novice would never make the mistake(s) that the so-called veterans in Pakatan Harapan made. The collapse of Pakatan Harapan should be made a compulsory case study for students of political philosophy and political sciences.

Their first reaction in March 2020 was to hurl allegations of backdoor prime minister, backdoor government, palace-backed coup, violation of the Federal Constitution of Malaysia, and so on. This has since been proven unfounded. The swearing in of the new prime minister and the formation of the new government followed the Constitution to the letter with no deviations whatsoever.

So that narrative got buried.

Pakatan Harapan wants Malaysians to believe that they are an innocent victim of an evil palace-backed coup

Then they accused Muhyiddin Yassin of treachery and accused him of plotting with “the other side” to bring down the government. Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad explained that he had no choice but to resign as prime minister since Muhyiddin brought Parti Pribumi Bersatu or PPBM out of Pakatan Harapan, resulting in the collapse of the government.

His resignation as PM, said Mahathir, was a mere technicality since the government had already collapsed anyway. Since the government had already collapsed he was automatically no longer the PM, Mahathir explained.

Then it was revealed that Mahathir resigned BEFORE PPBM left Pakatan Harapan. In other words, Mahathir resigned as PM first, and then PPBM left Pakatan Harapan — and not the other way around, as Mahathir claims.

So that second narrative was demolished as well.

Mahathir resigned as PM to collapse the Pakatan Harapan government so that he could block Anwar from becoming PM

Pakatan Harapan was running out of stories to spin and all their explanations as to why and how Pakatan Harapan collapsed, and who is to be blamed for it, were being debunked one by one. People now understand that it was Mahathir who collapsed the Pakatan Harapan government and the reason he did it was to prevent Anwar Ibrahim from taking over as Prime Minister.

Initially, Mahathir was supposed to retire and hand power to Anwar the latest by May 2020. After promising he would stay for only two years and in May 2020 would retire and allow Anwar to take over, Mahathir did a U-turn and said he would not hand power to Anwar in May after all.

Pakatan Harapan then held a meeting in February 2020 and demanded that Mahathir leave immediately, in February itself. That would mean by 24th February 2020 or thereabouts Anwar would get sworn in as the new prime minister or PM8.

That was when Mahathir decided to resign and collapse the Pakatan Harapan government.

So, the spin regarding the collapse of the Pakatan Harapan government and all the plots and subplots stories that go with it is finished. They now need a new issue to hit Muhyiddin Yassin and Perikatan Nasional with. Basically, they need a 1MDB 2.0 which can be used against Muhyiddin.

And that issue is the appointment of Azhar Azizan Harun a.k.a. Art Harun as the Speaker.

Khalid Samad (READ BELOW) and DAP are going to town on the issue. They want Malaysians to believe that Art Harun’s appointment is illegal, a violation of democracy, and a breach of the Standing Orders and the Federal Constitution of Malaysia.

This fallacy has already been pointed out in the article “The Art Harun game of lies that Pakatan is playing” (READ HERE). Art’s appointment is absolutely kosher.

Standing Order 4 says any Member of the House (which means one of the 222 Members of Parliament) can propose a qualified person as the Yang di-Pertua or Speaker.

Standing Order 4(2) says: “The proposal shall be seconded, but no debate shall be allowed.”

Standing Order 4(3) says: “If only one member or person be so proposed and seconded as Yang di-Pertua, he shall be declared by the Setiausaha without question put, to have been elected.”

There was nothing illegal in Azhar Harun’s appointment as the new Parliament Speaker

But Pakatan Harapan still insists that Art’s appointment is wrong even though this followed precisely how they appointed the Speaker back in 2018 when Pakatan Harapan formed the government. In essence, it is right when Pakatan Harapan does it but wrong when Perikatan Nasional does the same thing.

Pakatan Harapan is so desperate to claim the moral high ground. They want Malaysians to see Pakatan Harapan as the innocent victim of an evil plot and foul conspiracy. And they want Malaysians to believe that the victim in this whole thing is not just Pakatan Harapan but all Malaysians and that democracy is under attack.


Pelantikan Speaker sekarang berbeza dengan era PH, kata Khalid Samad

(Malaysia Dateline) – Proses pelantikan Datuk Mohamad Ariff Yusof sebagai Yang Dipertua Dewan Rakyat dua tahun lalu berbeza dengan tindakan kerajaan Perikatan Nasional (PN) melantik Datuk Azhar Azizan Harun.

Pengarah Komunikasi AMANAH Khalid Samad berkata, pelantikan Mohamad Ariff yang juga bekas hakim Mahkamah Rayuan ketika era kerajaan Pakatan Harapan (PH) lalu adalah mengikut prosedur ditetapkan.

Sebaliknya, kata Ahli Parlimen Shah Alam itu, pelantikan Azhar berlaku ketika Mohamad Ariff masih menyandang jawatan Speaker Dewan Rakyat.

“Suasananya jauh berbeza. Kita mengikut peraturan. Selepas pilihan raya, (PH) baru menang, Perdana Menteri baru, Speaker pun baru.

“Sebelum bermulanya persidangan Parlimen yang pertama, Speaker kena dilantik, mesti ada pencalonan tetapi malangnya tiada pencalonan dibuat di pihak mereka.

“Oleh itu, hanya seorang sahaja calon berbeza. Berbeza dengan keadaan kita. Speaker sudah ada kemudian dikosongkan.

“Mana boleh. Dia (kerajaan PN) tidak beri kita peluang mencalonkan Speaker yang baharu,” jelasnya.

Beliau berkata demikian dalam Bicara YB Khalid Samad (Siri 66) bertajuk, “Antara Negara Adil dan Negara Zalim” yang dimoderatorkan oleh Mohd Shaiful Roseman secara langsung di Jom Channel FB Live malam tadi.