Editor of banned book is in Australia, say police

(FMT) – Police have confirmed that Kean Wong, the editor of a book banned because of its cover image, is in Australia and had returned to that country after spending Chinese New Year in Malaysia with his family.

Mior Faridalathrash Wahid of federal CID said Wong’s lawyer had informed police that Wong had been a permanent resident of Australia for more than 10 years. He had celebrated Chinese New Year in Malaysia with his family earlier this year before returning to Australia at the end of January.

“We are waiting for feedback from Wong through his lawyer regarding investigations into the book,” he told Bernama.

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Eight writers who contributed chapters to the book, as well as graphic artists and a book sales adviser have had their statements recorded. Police had also sought the views of two historians regarding the book, entitled “Rebirth: Reformasi, Resistance, And Hope in New Malaysia”.

The book contains political analyses and reports about the 2018 general election which ended Barisan Nasional’s hold on power after six decades.

It was banned earlier this month after complaints about its cover, which featured a caricature of Malaysia’s coat of arms, the Jata Negara.

The police investigation is being carried out on grounds of sedition.