Matter of time before Umno wipes out Bersatu, says DAP

(The New Sarawak) – The untied front put up by Bersatu and Umno now is nothing more than a smokescreen and the latter  is expected to play out the former in a power grab that will see a resurgence of the tainted party, an assemblyman said.

Perak’s Pasir Pinji assemblyman Howard Lee said both parties now had to stick with the “Malay unity” narrative to garner the support of middle ground supporters.

But in due time, Umno will start to complain about Bersatu demanding for more than their fair share in terms of power or seats allocation and that these went against the interests of agama, bangsa dan negara (religion, race and country).

“When the story is painted with enough cracks between Muafakat Nasional (comprising Umno and PAS) and Bersatu, and the groundswell of Malay discontent towards Bersatu hits it’s boiling point, Umno will go for the killer blow of severing ties,” Lee wrote on his blog.

Lee who is also DAPSY chief added that while the recent support pledged by Umno and PAS towards PM Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin from Bersatu came as a surprise to many, the decision didn’t sit well with many Umno leaders.

“Within days however, the response from Umno warlords drowned everything out. What started off as hairline cracks are now real fractures, especially after Annuar Musa’s pronouncement of Umno’s defence of incumbent and traditional Umno seats,” he added.

Lee said Umno’s aims of wiping out Bersatu was still under way, with the former regarding the latter at best as “playing second fiddle” and at worst, “insignificant and irrelevant”.

He said Perikatan Nasional may look strong on the surface, but was “imploding violently” below the surface.