UMNO’s greatest threat: Parti Pribumi Bersatu


Contrary to current kerbau floating around, UMNO’s greatest threat is NOT the DAP nor even PKR but actually Parti PRIBUMI – a party that brazenly dares to call itself by the most incongruous name to its real nature, namely, BERSATU, wakakaka.

As Anwar Ibrahim joked about that party recently, he said the party which seeks to sit on BOTH sides of Parliament should be instead called BERDUA. But then, that’s Atuk’s deviousness – Chinese would describe him as ‘a man standing on two different boats with a foot on each at the same time’, meaning he’s waiting to see which boat will sink before he commits himself, wakakaka.

Nonetheless, whether BERSATU or BERDUA, it looks at UMNO hungrily, or rather at the number of UMNO MPs hungrily. It knows it is a kutu party as it won only 13 seats in GE14, notwithstanding Pakatan Harapan’s pre-election boast (and expectation) that Mahathir’s PRIBUMI would breach the Malay Heartland to grab most of the Malay seats. Instead it managed to only secure a measly 13 out of a humongous 52 it contested at federal level.

[and a far more pathetic 5 out of 108 at state level, and even then, with mucho non-Malay support – don’t believe me, just look at the Tanjung Piai by-election, wakakaka]

Yes, BERSATU atau PRIBUMI stands like an unwanted waif among the Malays. Yet somehow, the Pakatan gullibles were convinced that Atuk almost single-handedly won GE14 for them, wakakaka.

BERSATU or now BERDUA, wakakaka, but undeniably wholly PRIBUMI, is in itself facing internal strife, though I have to admit no one knows (though many have suspicions on) whether Mahathir is playing duplicitous games with his separate segment of the so-called BERSATU kacang putih party? Yes, some also speculate that he has already achieved his aim, whether as Chairperson of PRIBUMI is BERSATU or BERDUA, to wit, denying:

(i) the PM position to Anwar Ibrahim, and

(ii) majority rule for Pakatan Harapan, especially his much detested DAP.