Police: Preacher Ebit Lew called in because movement caused unease, but wasn’t investigated

(MMO) – Federal investigators summoned Ustaz Ebit Lew to record his statement over public complaints about his activities during the movement control order (MCO) and not for violating the lockdown, Datuk Huzir Mohamed explained today.

The federal police’s Criminal Investigation Department director clarified that the preacher has official permission to perform his charitable works during the MCO and was not at any point investigated about this.

Huzir acknowledged that the preacher’s move to broadcast his activities had generated some positive feedback but pointed out that it had also caused unease among other sections of the country.

“The controversy forced the police to take the necessary action in order to preserve public order,” Huzir said in a statement.

The federal CID chief stressed that the police did not and would not stop the preacher from distributing charitable contributions to those affected by the MCO  as long as he adhered to the Health Ministry and Welfare Department’s guidelines.

Huzir also confirmed that no investigation paper has been opened against the preacher.

“However, PDRM would like to stress that no person is exempt from legal action for any violation related to the MCO.”