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Panas kembali nampaknya nama Datuk Dr Musa Nordin bila semalam viral kenyataan beliau mendakwa kematian jururawat di wad ortopedik Hospital Pakar Sultanah Fatimah (HSPF) Muar, Nadila Rahmat, 32, akibat dijangkiti COVID-19 membuktikan apa yang beliau katakan dan bimbangkan mengenai kekurangan bekalan PPE kepada petugas kesihatan selama ini adalah benar.

Dakwa beliau:
(1) Kematian Nadila adalah kematian COVID-19 pertama membabitkan Jangkitan Daripada Hospital (Hospital Acquired Infection, HAI).
(2) Bila kawan beliau bertanya jika Hospital saya akan memecat saya kerana membuat bising mengenai ketiadaan PPE saya menjawab “saya tidak kisah” (“I don’t really give a damn”) selagi anak-anak kita di barisan hadapan hidup dan selamat saya redha.

Menariknya, kali ini yang menafikan dakwaan Datuk Dr Musa dan menyerang beliau bukan sembarangan orang seperti saya, tetapi adalah Penasihat Khas kepada Perdana Menteri mengenai Kesihatan Awam, Tan Sri Dr Jemilah Mahmood sendiri.

Kata Tan Sri Dr Jemilah:
(1) Dakwaan Datuk Dr Musa adalah langsung tidak berasas dan merupakan satu fitnah. Ini kerana kematian Nadila bukan berpunca daripada kekurangan PPE dan daripada pengabaian Kementerian Kesihatan. Nadila bukan petugas barisan hadapan COVID-19, sebaliknya beliau bertugas di wad ortopedik di mana PPE tidak diperlukan. Jangkitan COVID-19 Nadila adalah daripada rakan sekerjanya, jururawat di wad ortopedik sama yang dijangkiti daripada suaminya daripada kluster tabligh.
(2) Datuk Dr Musa perlu menjaga adab dan etika selaku seorang pengamal perubatan dan selaku seorang Islam.
(3) Media sosial tidak wajar digunakan untuk menimbulkan kebencian, kekeliruan dan kemarahan.

Kali ini bila terbukti Datuk Dr Musa memfitnah, dan yang menyerang beliau adalah Tan Sri Dr Jemilah sendiri, kita lihat apakah kedudukan beliau selaku Pengerusi Lembaga Pengarah Hospital Pakar An-Nur Bangi dan Perunding Pediatrik & Perubatan Hospital Pakar KPJ Damansara akan terkesan.

Jika dilihat kepada gaya bahasa yang digunakan oleh Datuk Dr Musa, kelihatan sombong dan angkuh sekali lagaknya beliau menyebut beliau “tidak kisah” (“don’t really give a damn”) jika beliau dipecat oleh Hospital Pakar An-Nur Bangi dan Hospital Pakar KPJ Damansara kerana kerenahnya itu.

Kita lihat sahaja apakah Hospital Pakar An-Nur Bangi dan Hospital Pakar KPJ Damansara akan mementingkan imej mereka ataukah mereka akan membiarkan sahaja imej mereka rosak kerana adanya pengamal perubatan yang gagal menjaga adab dan etika malah yang sanggup pula membuat fitnah.


Dr Musa Mohd Nordin
Chairman, FIMA Advisory Council
24 April 2020

OMG! I feared this very dreadful COVID-19 day!
Our first COVID-19 Hospital Acquired Infection (HAI) death!

The MOH nurse, a MAHSA nursing alumni batch 2008, worked at Muar Hospital.
She acquired COVID-19 after “close contact” with patient 3662 of the Muar COVID-19 cluster.
She blew her last breath at 12.36 am 23/4/2020 after 18 days at COVID-19 Kluang Hospital

She is hardly 32 years old, as old as my 3rd daughter!
She is the Kak Long (eldest) in a family of 5 siblings, who are all still studying.
The youngest is 14 years old.
She is the sole breadwinner of the family who lives in Tangkak, Johor.

When a dear colleague asked me if my hospital was going to fire me, for making a big fuss about PPEs, I replied:

* I don’t really give a damn. As long as our sons and daughters on the frontline are alive and safe I am at peace*

Yesterday we failed our dear 32 year old nurse, a front-liner, a daughter, a sister, a bread winner, a colleague and NOT JUST PATIENT NUMBER 3871

‎انا لله وانا اليه راجعون


In response to Dato Dr Musa’s most recent post, by Tan Sri Dr Jemilah

Salam my friends, Thank you for sharing the emotional write up from Dato Dr Musa and the allegations made against MOH on the sad death of one of our own health-workers, a nurse in Muar. I received this message just after I had spent an hour with our senior most leaders in a discussion with a delegation of experts from China. During that meeting, the Government of Malaysia and MOH was praised for its swift and concrete decisions from the lockdown to its approach to healthcare, including testing. I was delighted to learn after all the noise and allegations that Malaysia was not testing enough, that in Guangdong with a population of 120 million people, testing rate was about 30,000/day. So in other words, Malaysia’s testing rate of now 13,000/day and soon to be stepped up to 16,000/day is not low in comparison with our population. Yesterday, I received similar confirmation that we are on the right track after speaking to WHO’s head of laboratory the region.

And then I read the message from Dato Dr Musa. Firstly, it made me very sad that on this first blessed day of Ramadhan, our fellow muslims are hurling allegations without confirmation of facts. In my role, I am the neutral, apolitical advisor to the PM on health. as well as economy. I sit in meetings every morning to study the numbers and statistics, the stories from the front lines, the details of each mortality – not just the statistics but the people and their lives behind each number.

Allahyarhamah the nurse from Muar, contracted it from her colleague who in turn contracted it from her husband who was one of the members of the tabligh cluster. Both nurses worked in the orthopaedics ward where PPEs are not warranted. So the dramatic allegation of a death due to lack of PPEs and neglect by MOH is not only incorrect but a fitnah. Yes we have lost health care workers, BUT NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THEM WORKED IN A COVID ward where PPEs are mandatory. Most of the health care workers in fact, had contracted COVID 19 from outside the hospital or from colleagues through casual contact.

As I reflect upon this situation, I realise the uniqueness of my fellow Malaysians in our struggle against this unseen 0.025 micron virus. I see families helping other families, businesses generously contributing to the plight of those less fortunate, and even children making PPEs! This is so heartwarming and inspiring. Therefore, we must not be so quick to hurl accusations. We must not try to tear each other apart rather than support each other. The number of people who are openly critical are few but they are loud and have an audience.

I am privileged to have also served under the previous Health Minister as one of his health advisory council members, among whom was Dato Dr. Musa whose intellectual prowess and passion is known to many. And for those who know me well, they will know I will always contribute ideas and share my experience, but also speak up when I see injustice. I will admit my mistakes when I am wrong and I will cheer my brothers and sisters who are doing good.

So I feel I need to speak up now and say that unfortunately Dato Dr. Musa’s recent comments are not called for and completely unfounded. I remember my Ustaz teaching us about how dangerous it is to backbite and create fitnah. There are numerous hadith to support these heinous acts. And I am so fearful that my fellow muslims are now so easily deviated from fact and verification, and use social media to create hatred, confusion and anger.

I call upon all of us to please, provide concrete suggestions on improvement and solutions, work together for the greater good, put all our differences aside as we tackle this pandemic together, enjoin our efforts to meet the needs of those who are hungry, sick, depressed, displaced right now. As muslims and health professionals, we have adab and ethics and let us communicate and engage in the right way and tone. Our time on earth is limited, and surely we want to put that to good use?

I can only pray that Allah swt protects my family and me from fitnah, and puts patience, kindness and wisdom into our hearts and minds, so that we can overcome His great test. I am still trying to adjust to this environment in Malaysia, so different from where I have returned from. But this is my home, where my family and friends are, and Allah has planned my return with such precision in timing and need. My retirement, book project and farming plans will have to wait. And I shall persevere to help Malaysia through this as best as I can and for as long as I am needed. Have pity on us Ya Allah, guide us, and have Mercy.

And let us all pray for Allah swt to forgive the sins of Allahyarhamah and those who have passed from COVID19, reward her and them with Blessings and his Mercy. Aamin. Have a blessed Ramadan filled with Barakah. Salam, Jim.