The month of Ramadan is when Pakatan should stop their fitnah

Raja Sara Petra

Now that Ramadan is upon us, Pakatan Harapan should take this opportunity to stop all its fitnah activities. Ramadan is not just about abstaining from eating, drinking and smoking, it is also about abstaining from all forms of sins, such as fitnah activities.

In fact, one of the Ten Commandments in Christianity is “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour”. Some scholars have interpreted this to mean not just as a witness in a court hearing but lying about or fitnah against someone. So Christianity also treats fitnah as a serious crime or sin, just like Islam, which in Islam is a crime punishable by the severe Islamic laws of Hudud.

In fact, fitnah should be avoided all the year round, not just during the month of Ramadan. But if one cannot resist the temptation of fitnah or telling lies about other people, at least make an effort in the one month of Ramadan to stop your fitnah.

I know it is very difficult to stop your fitnah if you have been doing this all your life, like many Pakatan Harapan people. It is like a chronic drug addict who needs many fixes a day. Asking that addict to lay off drugs for a whole month would be impossible. But if you want to add value to your fasting and make the month of Ramadan “bulan yang mulia”, then you have to try, how hard it may be.