Jellyfish has more spine than Lim KHAT Siang

KTemoc Konsiders

Lim KHAT Siang has been either famous or notorious for his persistent vociferous attacks against the government in both parliament and public – in earlier days, when he was still my idol, he even made courageous and righteous-rightful attacks against then-PM Mahathir. And he did all these when he only had a few DAP MPs in the Dewan Rakyat.

But things have changed for him since 2015 when he hobnobbed with Atuk which allowed him and his party to become the Pakatan Harapan government for two years. Then he shed off his previous shining knight’s white armour, becoming Lim KHAT Siang from his previous Lim Kit Siang – he became a wuss. He was seduced by power, well, at least vicariously through Chye-Chye.

Nowadays, when out of government, even with 42 MPs in the Dewan, he has become ultra cautious not to, as Malaysiakini columnist S Thayaparan would say, ‘spook’ the Malays. We witnessed that long ago, for example, in his KHAT kowtow. He’s still hoping for Harapan to return to power thus he won’t dare ‘spook’ anyone except the political weaklings.

So sucked up to Mahathir, he even defended Mahathir’s integrity in the question of the latter’s willingness to hand over power to Anwar, saying he will resign from Parliament if Mahathir fails to honour that promise – Wakakaka, we are still waiting for him to fulfil his pompous kerbau. If he’s decent enough, he should resign.

Even with his 42 MPs in Parliament he remains diam-diam and kuai-kuai when the originally issued approval to operate under MCO for Heineken and Carlsberg were abruptly revoked because of (columnist S Thayaparan again) instigation by religious extremists. To wit, Mr KHAT remains silent in the face of the toxic religiosity that permeates this government. What a cowardly opposition.