About Dr Mahathir’s broken promises: I am a happy man, says Anwar

FMT) – Anwar Ibrahim no longer believes in his former mentor turned nemesis, Dr Mahathir Mohamad, stating in a media interview that it is now “Que sera sera” after a string of broken promises.

In the interview with CNBC, Anwar, who is PKR president, said he took Mahathir’s words at face value during their initial meetings before the 2018 general election.

“He seemed quite sincere,” Anwar said, referring to Mahathir’s visits to his prison cell and courthouse where both were shown shaking hands.

He said Mahathir had told him to work together and “made promises in private, and in public and signed documents”.

Pressed if he still believed in Mahathir, he replied: “Well, not now.”

Anwar said: “I think people do change with age with (greater) wisdom. But I am not right always and, in this case, I apologise I was wrong. No regrets.”

Asked on how he deals with his anger and resentment after failing to be the eighth prime minister as promised earlier, the Port Dickson MP said his faith, a good wife and a close family made him keep going.

“If you have too much enmity and hatred, you would not be able to survive.

“It’s ‘Que Sera Sera’,” he added, making reference to a popular song of the 1950-1960s, whose title is translated as “Whatever Will Be, Will Be”.

“We have to move on,” Anwar said. “And the plight of the people surpasses my personal predicament.” He said it was up to the political parties and the public now to decide his future.

“I am quite settled now, giving some lectures and going on air. I am a happy man,” he said when asked what would happen if he did not get to be the prime minister.

‘Govt lacks clear policies in handling Covid-19’

Anwar said the focus now should be on the rakyat’s concerns on Covid-19 and how to deal with their welfare, survival and economy.

However, he said it was obvious that the government led by Muhyiddin Yassin was fragile, stating there seemed to be a lack of clear, coherent plans and concerted efforts during this Covid-19 crisis.

He said the government should make an inventory of what is required in terms of equipment and facilities for hospitals and medical teams.

Resources must also be allocated to the poorest section of society.

Anwar described as “absurd” the mobilisation of the armed forces from Sunday to help the police implement the restrictions under the movement control order. Anwar said the police could handle the situation.

The government had failed from the very start to stop people going to mosques, churches and temples.

Vote of ‘no confidence’ in Parliament

Anwar said the new government has attempted to persuade MPs to ditch Pakatan Harapan. Leaders and ministers were busy trying to entice MPs, promising them all sorts of perks.

He said they should instead be sparing no effort to tackle this virus issue.

Their efforts to woo defectors showed that the government did not have the numbers to survive a vote of no confidence in Parliament when it meets in May, he said.