How Malaysia Went From Its Last 2 Cases Of Covid-19 To 790 Total Cases In Just 2 Weeks

We started 27th February 2020 on a calm note—it seemed that the worst was finally over for us; we only had 2 cases of Covid-19 left and Malaysia seemed well set to eradicating the disease. (Sheraton move was on 23rd February, the tabligh infection spike would still have occurred if there was a ban on Chinese citizens to Malaysia.)

(World of Buzz) – Then, we kept confirming case after case, the number only grew as we watched. A little over a week later, 6th March 2020, we had a total of 83 confirmed cases. 13th March 2020, 197 confirmed cases. Fast forward to 19th March 2020 and Malaysia now has a total of 790 cases.

How did we go from having only 2 cases left to suddenly confirming hundreds of cases? What happened in the span of two weeks?

The answer is simple: we didn’t practice social distancing.

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