Betul ke Najib Razak yang membunuh Kevin Morais?

(Sinar Harian) – Mahkamah Tinggi di sini menetapkan 17 April ini untuk mendengar penghujahan akhir pembelaan kes bunuh Timbalan Pendakwa Raya, Datuk Anthony Kevin Morais yang mayatnya ditemui dalam dram berisi konkrit lima tahun lalu.

Hakim Datuk Azman Abdullah turut menetapkan 3 April untuk peguam mewakili enam tertuduh tersebut memfailkan hujahan bertulis dan pihak pendakwa perlu membalas kepada hujahan pihak pembelaan sebelum 13 April.

Charles Suresh claims to have new information regarding Kevin’s death

(The Star, 25 Nov 2015) – The brother of the late Kevin Morais claims he is in possession of a pen drive containing information that casts doubt on the circumstances surrounding his death and implicates certain influential people.

“The contents of this pen drive clearly and unequivocally reveal the investigations which implicate certain personalities,” said Charles Suresh, the second eldest brother in the Morais family, at a press conference Wednesday.

Charles signed a statutory declaration Wednesday, claiming that he believed Kevin, a Deputy Public Prosecutor, was killed because of a case he was working on.

Charles also said he was not convinced Kevin’s death was related to the government pathologist case he was prosecuting.

Clare Rewcastle Brown of Sarawak Report fingered Najib Tun Razak as Kevin’s murderer

“I am in possession of a pen drive Kevin sent to me by courier before he died,” said Charles.

He said it was currently in safe custody in the United States, and had left instructions for its contents to be disclosed should “anything untoward” happen to him after making the declaration.

This comes after Richard, the youngest brother in the family, claimed Kevin’s body from the Kuala Lumpur Hospital mortuary and has reportedly cremated it against the family’s wishes.

The family had been keeping the body there as they were awaiting a second post-mortem to be done on the body.