Faizal Azumu resigns as Perak MB

(FMT) – Ahmad Faizal Azumu stepped down as Perak menteri besar today, following an audience with the sultan of Perak.

He said he had explained that his resignation was due to PPBM’s exit from Pakatan Harapan (PH) to join forces with Umno and PAS, gaining them a 32-seat majority.

As the move had caused the PH state government to collapse, he added, he had decided to resign as menteri besar.

“With my resignation, all state excos are terminated from their posts with immediate effect,” he said.

“I will leave it to the sultan to appoint a new menteri besar and form a new state government.”

When asked who PPBM had proposed as a candidate, he said the party had nominated him.

The PH state government in an immediate response said Faizal’s act was a betrayal of the people’s mandate.

In a statement, it told the Chenderiang assemblyman to apologise to the people as well as to Dr Mahathir Mohamad for his resignation.

It said all 27 PH reps would stand firmly with the PH leaders and demand that a special state assembly session be held to determine who possesses the majority in the assembly.