China releases footage of live fire drills as it warns over fresh Hong Kong protests

(Telegraph) – Beijing has issued an ominous warning with a new video of the Chinese military engaging in live fire drills as Hong Kong anti-government protests rocked the city over Christmas.

Chinese state broadcaster CCTV released a 47-second clip showing the military garrison stationed in Hong Kong participating in emergency action on warship Qinzhou, a type 056 corvette, in the South China Sea.

“Fire the missiles!” shouted a commander.

The video, set to dramatic music, was aired on China’s state broadcaster and posted online.

State media proclaimed that soldiers must train in order to form a “compliant golden-hooped rod” around Hong Kong, a reference to a traditional Chinese tale in which magical warriors obey their master, the Monkey King.

The footage was released as Beijing’s representative office in Hong Kong issued a statement, saying it was a “key moment for stopping violence and ending chaos.”

The remarks called on mainland Chinese institutions and businesses in Hong Kong to support the central government.

They should “support the government” and “put great effort into tackling engrained problems and conflicts in various social sectors such as politics, economics, and education.”