Chinese embassy slams fake news about Muslim minorities in Xinjiang

(NST) – The Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Malaysia has labelled as fake, irresponsible and groundless, the news that Muslim minorities in Xinjiang are being placed in concentration camps.

In a statement issued today, the embassy said the Chinese government was always open to recommendations and constructive criticism.

“However, we will never accept irresponsible, utterly groundless accusations based on falsehood.

“During the past week, the social media in Malaysia was flooded with fake and inflammatory news related to Xinjiang. This reminds me of a Chinese saying that ‘three liars make a tiger’, which means if a lie is repeated a thousand times, some people might actually buy it. It is a sad fact, yet it just keeps happening,” the statement said.

To prove its point, the embassy invited Malaysians to visit the Xinjiang region.

“Xinjiang is beautiful as it is peaceful, which makes it an ideal travel destination for Malaysians, especially our Muslim friends.

“There is also no restriction for foreigners visiting Xinjiang. If Malaysians are really interested, you are more than welcome to visit there and see the real Xinjiang for yourself, with your own eyes,” it added.

The statement came after a group submitted a memorandum to the embassy at about 10am today, in protest against alleged persecution of Uyghur minority in Xinjiang.