All for Mama … k’s sake

KTemoc Konsiders

Naturally Saudi is mad as hell, because her bête noires Iran and Qatar are attending, whereas Pakistan has kuai-kuai absent herself, wakakaka.

But Saudi might not know that Mahathir has this meeting, the so-called ‘summit’ (preposterously misnamed as the Big Kahuna is not even there) when it is all about Mahathir’s Muslim prestige and thus his domestic political interests.

And one of the topics in the agenda is about the growing global Islamophobia, which I and a few thousand million people around the world, including and especially Yanks, Aussies, British Brexiters, Austrians, Danes and Hungarians, would be able to advise on, wakakaka.

But as mentioned, eff the Islamophobia as it’s Mahathir’s need to impress the local Heartland voters of his wannabe-Kahuna Muslim prestige.