ASB dividends: the test of the pudding is in the eating

Raja Sara Petra

The timing of the expose regarding Azilah Hadri’s statutory declaration, which was actually signed two months ago, is perfect. Now, alongside the attempted sodomy case implicating Anwar Ibrahim, which has taken Malaysia by storm, Malaysians are focused on these two new ‘hot news’ and all other issues have been buried.

The more important issue should be the state of Malaysia’s economy, not the mountain of police reports and statutory declarations that are flooding Malaysia. But who cares about that when stories of murder, rape and sodomy have hit the airwaves? Even corruption involving Pakatan Harapan leaders is page two news.

Today, ASB announced its worst ever dividend in history. The dividend payout cannot even match the inflation rate. This is a classic case of your money shrinking while you sleep. As US President Bush said, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. You can scream and shout about how great your pudding is but only when you eat it will you know.

Yes, Pakatan Harapan shouts and screams about what a great government they are and how well they are running Malaysia. Well, the investors, both foreign and local, do not think so. And the stock market and value of the ringgit reflect the opposite. And with the miserable ASB dividend payout, Malaysia is a disaster.