Malaysia doesn’t belong to 1 race or religion, says DAP

(FMT) – DAP voiced concern today over the belief by some that the country can be ruled from “the extreme fringes”, saying Malaysia does not belong to only one race or religion.
“No Malaysian can live in isolation in their own community without interacting or cooperating with others,” the party’s central executive committee said in a statement.
“DAP condemns the racist and extremist religious politics of the opposition in targeting the non-Malays and non-Muslims to regain political power.”
It also accused the opposition of using hate and lies to call for an end to funding for vernacular schools, the closure of such schools, the boycott of non-Muslim businesses and the prevention of non-Muslims from becoming ministers, among others.
It urged the federal government, led by the Pakatan Harapan (PH) coalition of which DAP is a member, to focus on important national issues and to listen to the people and work towards achieving better standards of living.
“Promises made must be kept to build trust among the people in the government and successfully repel and reject those who use racist and religious extremism to divide the country.
“The people must be able to see that power is exercised not to gain positions but for the benefit of the people,” it said.
It also urged PH to fulfil its election pledges and to take the middle path in governing the country to represent all Malaysians regardless of religion, race or geographical location.
It likewise called on the authorities to act decisively in matters relating to national unity and racial and religious harmony.