AG maneuvered for LTTE suspects to be out on bail

Another Brick in the Wall

The opposition media had a field day to making Attorney General Tan Sri Tommy Thomas the butt of jokes on his questions during the cross-examination of Dato Najib at the SRC trial.

Najib insisted to deliver his testimony in the National language, Malay and Tommy, known to be inadequate in his Malay, struggled to form questions from Najib’s 233 pages testimony.

Tommy asked why Najib did not to intervene to certain problems within the MOF company, SRC and was snapped back by Najib for not knowing the law that it is the authority of the Board of Directors. He admitted not yet establish the solvency status of SRC, but insisted on Najib to admit it is bankrupt.

The biggest laugh was his question on which side Najib took in the fight for UMNO Presidency between Tun Dr Mahathir vs Tengku Tan Sri Razaleigh Hamzah in 1986.

He had to throw the towel to ask judge Dato Nazlan Ghazali for 6 days postphonement to study the testimony. The stand-up comedy session will resume Wednesday.

But, his decision yesterday to not appeal against the same Nazlan’s decision to allow bail to Gadek assemblyman Saminathan for terrorism-related offenses is a serious matter.

Law enforcement officers and legal practitioners conversant on security matter are up in arms. They are screaming, “Is the security of the country to be compromised to this over indulgence on  righteousness over constitution and human rights?!”

The public is already angry that the charges related to possession of LTTE materials is withdrawn. A Muslim woman is facing 5 years imprisonment for possession of ISIS materials.