High-income Malaysians unhappy with PH over the economy says survey

(FMT) – Those in the high income group appear to be unhappy with Pakatan Harapan (PH) over its performance on economic matters, a survey by a think tank finds.

Emir Research said more than 49% of respondents earning RM5,000 and above were dissatisfied with PH’s performance in stabilising the prices of basic goods, while 33% said they were satisfied.

They were also not impressed with the government in its handling of the ringgit slump (48%), health services (43%) and in addressing the monopoly of big companies (41%).

On the other hand, Emir Research said those in middle-income bracket seemed to be the “most satisfied”, while low income earners were “less satisfied”.

“The higher income bracket appears to be the least satisfied with the government,” said Emir Research fellow Tunku Mohar Tunku Mohd Mokhtar.

But Tunku Mohar said the same group was significantly more satisfied with PH’s performance in the health and transport sectors.

About half said they were satisfied with healthcare services, public transport services and the takeover of toll concessions.

The survey, conducted in September and October before the 2020 Budget, was participated by focus groups involving 104 individuals, as well as 1,992 respondents from across the country.

Emir Research said it took into account factors such as age, race, income group, domicile and education qualification.

The think tank said PH scored 53% in the Government Satisfaction Index (GSI).

The survey also confirmed findings that Malays and Bumiputeras were the most dissatisfied, while rural dwellers were significantly more unhappy than urbanites.

The GSI was then used to predict respondents’ voting intention.

It showed PH had a 3% edge over Umno and PAS, with the former chosen by 41% and the latter 38% of respondents.

Meanwhile, the survey found that some 17% indicated they would vote for independent candidates instead of Umno-PAS or PH.

“It’s prevalent among the younger set (of demographics) and non-Malays, so that’s interesting,” said Emir Research president Rais Hussin.

Rais, who is PPBM’s head of strategy, was among those tasked with preparing the PH election manifesto last year.