PKR becoming obsessed with making Anwar PM, says Tian Chua

(The Sun Daily) – PKR vice-president Tian Chua has slammed the party’s obsession with making Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim the country’s next prime minister.

Undeterred by the attendees in the PKR congress, largely made up of Anwar loyalists, Tian Chua said the blind loyalty shown by many within the party was not healthy and would leave the party without a direction.

This led to loud jeers from large sections of the crowd, with the congress’ permanent chairman Datuk Ahmad Kassim several times having to step in to ask that the delegates cool themselves.

Anwar, on one occasion, also had to stand up and request all those present to calm down.

“Many have expressed worry that we may turn into an Umno 2.0, that with the power given to us, we might be tempted to be involved corruption and abuse of power.

“But what is more worrying is our members with an obsessed mentality and showing blind loyalty. And this is down to the members themselves. We will see our members becoming more extreme and obsessed (in the future),” Tian Chua said in a fiery winding up speech, today.

“This is not about Anwar, because after Anwar, there will always other prime ministers and party presidents. But if we don’t want to turn this party into a party of culture and revolution that will support its leader absolutely without question, then I think it is for Anwar to save us from this crisis,” he added.

Tian Chua was the only top leadership aligned to deputy president Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali to speak at the closing ceremony of the PKR congress today, with others absent from the assembly.

The vice-president also reminded party members that the issue of Anwar becoming the prime minister has been agreed at the Pakatan Harapan (PH) level, and that it was time they shift their focus on issues concerning the rakyat.

“If you look at yesterday’s debates, the issue of development, education, poverty and cost of living (were not raised). But what was the main issue being debated? I know it is very easy to ‘fan’ your support for Anwar as the eighth prime minister,” he said.

Tian Chua also condemned leaders and members who accused those from Azmin’s camp as traitors, reminding them that if it were not for these individuals, the party would not have been where it is today.

“Without the sacrifices of Azmin, and his excellent track record, how could have we achieved victory? We must remember that there are so many leaders who have contributed and sacrificed for the party.

“Although some of us may not see everything on the same page, including me, the congress must never forget the party’s history,” he said.