I don’t want to get involved, Mahathir says on renewed Anwar-Azmin conflict

(FMT) – Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad has continued to distance himself from the conflict between PKR president Anwar Ibrahim and his deputy, Mohamed Azmin Ali, after their spat renewed during their party’s national convention in Melaka.

Mahathir said he did not want to be involved in the matter, reiterating that it was more important for there to be close cooperation in Pakatan Harapan (PH) in order to form a good government.

“Of course, there will be misunderstandings in any leadership, but I am confident that it is not to an extent that there would be no PH and no government,” he told reporters at an event in Langkawi today.

He said the spotlight was on the issue between Anwar and Azmin as PH was the government, adding that Barisan Nasional had its share of problems, too.

Sparks flew during PKR’s national convention in Melaka, with brawls breaking out and delegates leaving the hall midway in protest.

Azmin and his supporters said the exodus of PKR delegates and observers was ultimately due to Anwar’s failure to keep his promise on the parameters for speeches by delegates at the congress.

He said it was agreed upon that speeches would focus on policy issues and strengthening of PKR. Speakers were not to be allowed to mock or attack any party.

Azmin said Anwar’s retelling of the story of Si Kitul and Raja Mendeliar, which touches of betrayal, opened the door for other leaders to launch personal attacks, affecting party unity.

Anwar denied mocking his deputy through his speech at the party’s national congress, stating that the story was part of Malay history and had nothing to do with Azmin.

Anwar added that he could not control the speeches made by PKR delegates during the debate on the president’s speech.