You broke ceasefire promise, Azmin tells Anwar

(MMO) – PKR Deputy President Datuk Seri Azmin Ali has accused his president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim of breaking their ceasefire agreement.

In a press conference today, Azmin said that his faction of loyalists and Anwar’s thad initially agreed not to attack one another in the ongoing party congress, but added that Anwar failed to do so during the PKR Youth Congress and during this morning’s policy speech.

“He starts mentioning about Si Kitol and Raja Mandeliar, and this has opened the path for the debaters to attack (me) personally and break the unity of the leadership and members of Keadilan (PKR).

“The debaters for policy speech was also one sided and left out the grassroots voices… The speeches only brought up one man’s dream and brings down other leaders,” Azmin said.

“These showed how the president failed to keep his promise to ensure the state debaters adhered to the speech perimeters agreed upon by both sides,” he said at Ames Hotel lobby here.

Azmin and his faction walked out from the congress in MITC earlier in the afternoon.