Scores walk out of PKR congress

(FMT) – Scores of PKR delegates walked out of the party’s national congress here in Melaka with shouts of “balik” (“go back”) being chanted by unhappy members.

Some of the members told reporters here that they were unhappy with the debates on the president’s speech.

“This is not the avenue to bash the deputy president (Mohamed Azmin Ali),” one of the disgruntled delegates said.

One member, who identified himself as Chegu Shekar, from Selangor, complained that all the speakers came from “one camp.”

“This is not right. We are now a ruling party. Debate on the resolutions or manifesto, but don’t attack each other.

“I’m disappointed that this congress has become a platform to attack others.”

Meanwhile, PKR information chief Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin said he had not heard any delegate hitting out at Azmin.

“I don’t understand these claims,” he told reporters.