My uncle doesn’t speak for my family, Yusoff’s dad slams CAP chief

(FMT) – The father of Muhammad Yusoff Rawther, who accused a senior politician of committing “vile” acts against him, today hit out at his uncle for issuing statements on behalf of the family in response to the claims.

Muhammed Ali Mohammed Idris said Mohideen Abdul Kader did not represent the views of the family or speak on its behalf.

“Mohideen is simply the brother of my late father… (He) is not in any way involved in Yusoff’s life and as such is completely unaware of what has happened and is going on.

“He is therefore in no position to have made any statements regarding my son.”

Yusoff claimed in a press conference on Wednesday that a senior politician had committed immoral acts against him last October.

He also criticised the authorities for not taking action over the police reports he filed against Perak PKR chief Farhash Wafa Salvador Rizal Mubarak earlier this year for alleged assault.

Mohideen, the president of the Consumers Association of Penang, had responded by saying that Yusoff had been “estranged” from the family since the death of his grandfather, prominent consumer advocate SM Mohamed Idris, earlier this year.

He also said Yusoff’s claims were unknown to any of his family members, and accused his grand-nephew of having “an inflated ego”.

He likewise questioned the timing of Yusoff’s allegations, saying the assault had purportedly taken place over a year ago on Oct 2.

Ali however insisted that Yusoff had in fact told his family about his ordeal, “either on the day itself or in close proximity to it”.

“My family would like to discredit and disavow the above referred statements made by Mohideen, and we wish to state categorically that those statements and allegations by Mohideen were unnecessary, and fallacious in nature.

“I am terribly disappointed that Mohideen chose not to communicate with us or to seek confirmation from me or my family as to what had actually transpired, prior to issuing his slanderous statement against my son.”

He added that the family would make no further statements on the matter, and that any information sought would be conveyed either through “the appropriate channels” or to the court of law.