‘Sodomy III’ will be excruciating and unbearable


However PKR president Anwar Ibrahim attempts to put his house in order, including his latest “Don’t test my patience” warning to anyone who bothers to listen, his efforts are not paying off.

How else can one explain yet another sexual misconduct accusation against Anwar on the same day the PKR president met with his estranged deputy, Mohamed Azmin Ali, in what was a public display of a show of unity in the fractured party.

I’m the least surprised by the latest statutory declaration (SD) by Muhammad Yusoff Rawther, Anwar’s former research officer, where he alleged his boss had made inappropriate sexual advances towards him.

In the purported SD, also made available on the Facebook page, Yusoff claimed that he was the victim of indecent exposure, molest and a lewd proposal during the incident allegedly committed by Anwar on Oct 2, 2018, at Anwar’s residence in Segambut.

Such an allegation has been a long time coming and Malaysians should brace for more such sleazy, juicy stories involving PKR leaders. After all, gay sex videos and scandals seem to be synonymous only with PKR, are they not?

No, I wouldn’t want to mention the name of Yusoff’s highly respected and revered grandfather. The illustrious name of the late Penang consumer advocate should not be dragged into this. Let’s halt mentioning his great name out of respect, please.

It’s also interesting that Yusoff’s (photo) granduncle, Mohideen Abdul Kader, also found it necessary to explain that Yusoff has been estranged from the family since his grandfather passed away early this year.

He also questioned his grandnephew’s motive of coming out with the SD over an alleged incident that supposedly took place more than a year ago.

That is a family matter, so I would not delve on it.

What I also find quite dumb on the part of a seasoned political party like PKR is to allow Anwar’s political secretary, Farhash Wafa Salvador Rizal Mubarak, to respond immediately to Yusoff’s public allegation.

Farhash is the man in the centre of an assault case alleged by Yusoff and he should have stayed out of this episode. The PKR secretary-general or information chief would have been the more appropriate first responders, if the party felt an immediate response was necessary.

Anwar’s choice of a political secretary has to be addressed as well, given that Farhash has allegedly been involved in two cases of assault over the past few months.

Also, Farhash’s accusation that a former, disgruntled PKR member was the “mastermind” behind Yusoff’s SD does not interest me one bit.

Nay, I’m not interested in the intrigues of party politics nor the games politicians play, whether frontal or exterior. It doesn’t bother me how many masterminds are behind Yusoff. In political warfare, all kinds of tactics, dirty or above board, are part and parcel of the game.

Allegation against Anwar a serious matter

I’m more concerned about the allegation against Anwar. This is a serious matter as it implicates an incoming prime minister.

The truth must be established. The best way to get down to the bottom of it is for a police report to be lodged, so that a thorough probe can be carried out.

I believe most Malaysians would genuinely be happy for Anwar and PKR if this latest allegation is finally revealed as a smear campaign related to the party’s internal tussle.

After Sodomy I and II, in which Anwar was found guilty by the court, it would be truly unbearable for Malaysians to stomach yet another such torrid affair.

It will be intensely painful for all.

The stakes are high in the ongoing internal strife in PKR. When the fight is all about power, position and glory, long-time friends and allies will easily turn into hardcore foes.

This is what is happening in PKR today. Those who consider Anwar as a saint in the early reformasi days, now see him as a devil.

Why? Because there is Azmin Ali, who has become their new saviour and master.

Political cadres, not just in PKR but in all parties as well, want to see leaders fight among themselves too. Only if there is turmoil in the party will they be useful and needed, and hence, be able to derive some benefits. This is a fact in party politics.

Party members and supporters down the line will hardly be needed if there is peace. Only in times of war, will those fighting for power and position be prepared to yield to requests from supporters.

If you ask the two warring factions what their leaders had spent in their campaigns up and down the country over the past year, they would probably be reluctant to reveal their accounts.

And this party is one of those whose leaders have claimed is so poor that they have to appeal for public contributions whenever an election comes around. Have generous Malaysians been hoodwinked?

Still, notwithstanding our grievances against PKR leaders and their rather stupid open warfare, let us hope that this latest allegation of sexual misconduct against Anwar is just another dirty tactic deployed in the internal protracted power strife in the party.

We do not wish to have to face yet another round of the sleaze, slander and gutter politics that PKR is tainted with.

Two previous Anwar cases, lasting over a period of 12 years, and another implicating Azmin still unresolved, are more than enough burden and shame for us to carry.

If another one is discovered to be real and factual, then I would suggest that both Anwar and Azmin go down the only honourable path – commit hara-kiri.