No split between Anwar and Azmin, says PKR

(MMO) – PKR president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s meeting with his estranged deputy, Datuk Seri Azmin Ali, yesterday disproved views of rival factions in the party, Fahmi Fadzil asserted today.

The two leaders met in the Parliament building yesterday to end weeks of sniping heading into the PKR annual congress this week.

“What does exist today is a solid and united Keadilan party, and it is clear yesterday’s meeting portrays a positive environment and the willingness to not only cooperate but give focus to issues of the rakyat that will surely become the subject matter of the Keadilan congress that will take place this weekend.

“Those making a deal of the situation are friends of the journalism fraternity, and I accept the view that there is a perception that has been generated, but it is clear in reality that separate camps do not exist,” he said when met in the Parliament lobby this morning.

After the two leaders met, PKR announced that Azmin would open both the national assemblies of the parties Youth and Wanita wings.

Azmin grew hostile towards the party after he was dropped from opening the Youth congress.

His faction had also been rumoured to be planning an event here to rival the PKR national congress in Melaka, but has since confirmed that this will not take place.

On a separate matter, Fahmi suggested that a new claim of sexual harassment against Anwar could be politically motivated.

Former party researcher Muhammad Yusuff Rawther made the accusation against Anwar yesterday. Anwar responded today by directing an aide to lodge a police report and initiate legal action.