Wee vows to defend TAR UC, challenges Guan Eng to debate

(FMT) – MCA president Wee Ka Siong has challenged Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng to debate him on the funding for the Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TAR UC).

In his opening speech at MCA’s annual general meeting (AGM) at the party’s headquarters here today, Wee slammed Lim for withholding the government’s matching grant for TAR UC.

“As long as I am president I will be here to protect TAR UC. All MCA members and the Chinese community will safeguard this institution,” he declared.

He said neither Lim nor his father Kit Siang or DAP had donated a single sen to TAR UC.

“Stay out of TAR UC,” he said.

Lim has maintained that MCA should relinquish control of TAR UC as a condition for receiving RM30 million as a government grant, while MCA leaders have attacked him for his stand.

Wee also said MCA would be amending its party constitution to boost the intake of associate members from other races, and hoped that more non-Chinese Malaysians would join the party.

“Even though MCA is more synonymous with the Chinese community. the party is open and fights for all Malaysians,” he said.

He said associate members were given the space and opportunity to share their views in the interests of the party, the people and country.

The party, he said, had accepted associate members since its early days.

“I remember among the earliest associate members was an Indian man,” he said.

Wee also said MCA would learn its lessons from its defeat in the last general election and would not become arrogant or egoistic.

He said MCA was ready to work with all political parties in the spirit of opposition unity based on the principles of moderation, diversity and the Federal Constitution.