In renewed push, Dong Jiao Zong urges Chinese school boards to reject Jawi script lessons

Chinese education group Dong Jiao Zong and Chinese-based NGOs want the state branches of the Chinese School Management Board Association to hold a meeting and refuse the implementation of Jawi script lessons in their vernacular schools.

(MMO) – Vernacular paper Sin Chew Daily reported Dong Jiao Zong president Tan Tai Kim saying the organisation would submit a memorandum to the Education Ministry next week, insisting on the inclusion of school boards in the decision-making process on the introduction of Jawi.

“Our joint meeting is to reiterate our stance. We will not waiver and will continue to push for our inclusion as part of decision making (on the teaching of Jawi),” Tan was quoted saying in a consensus decision by Dong Jiao Zong and Chinese NGOs yesterday.

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