China vows to retaliate if Donald Trump signs Hong Kong democracy act into law

(SCMP) – China summoned a senior United States diplomat on Wednesday as it warned it would retaliate if US President Donald Trump signed the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act into law, after the bill was passed by the US Senate.

In a statement, the Chinese foreign ministry said Foreign Vice-Minister Ma Zhaoxu had summoned William Klein, the US embassy’s minister counsellor for political affairs.

“China will take strong opposing measures, and the US has to bear all the consequences,” the statement said, after Congress’ upper chamber passed the bill – which could pave the way for diplomatic action and economic sanctions against Hong Kong’s government.

“We call on the US side to take a clear look at the situation and take steps to stop the act from becoming a law, and stop meddling in the internal affairs of China and Hong Kong, to avoid setting a fire that would only burn itself,” Geng said in a statement.

“If the US sticks to its course, China will surely take forceful measures to resolutely oppose it to safeguard national sovereignty, security and development interests.”

Geng said the move by the Senate was a serious violation of international law and international relations norms, which China “strongly condemns and opposes”.

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