Time to welcome Anwar as PM8, says DAP

New Malaysia has witnessed a shocking and depressing way of Rakyat telling the current government to take immediate action against the dissatisfaction among the people on the PH government’s performance since 9th May 2018. Rakyat has spoken through the Tg. Piai by-election when the opposition won the by-election with overwhelming majority. It’s a hattrick for them. Let me remind everyone on a survey conducted recently to measure the popularity and the support our present government is having since forming the Government at the Federal level. The survey shows that PH popularity has plummeted to 35% since 9th May 2018.

Of course these surveys need to be validated and explained. However, one cannot deny that it is a shocking result for a government that had received over 80% of people’s support during last GE14. Many people hoped that it is a new beginning for a new Malaysia. All the people regardless of age, gender, race, beliefs, education background have threw their support and stood strongly behind each and every MPs and ADUNs from PH. Many Malaysians from different parts of the world came back during the GE14 just to vote for a change, for better and new Malaysia. I myself has witnessed their presence. The spirit of the people for a real change was at the peak during GE14. However, after a year being a Federal government, we are now in a situation to asses the level of support the PH coalition is having especially when various issues and problems are testing the credibility and the effectiveness of the PH government.

In addition, As mentioned earlier, it was reported that PH received about 25-35% of support from the Malay community in the last GE14. The rest of the support which is about 65-75% were from the Non-Malays. The main reason why PH had received this little support from Malays because they were sceptical with the new PH government whether they will be able to protect and defend the rights of Bumiputera in all aspects, protect the Federal Religion, National language as well as our Malay Monarchy system similar to the previous government. As witnessed by all of us, the Federal government actually lived up to the expectation of the people in protecting and defending these rights and systems of the Malays.

So far, Government neither amended nor disregard any part of the Constitution related to Bumiputera rights and special privileges in the Parliament. There is no attempt to take away these privileges even in the future. A good example is when government heeded the call of the Malay community and decided not to sign ICERD. Secondly, in order to strengthen the National language, Jawi was introduced and being implemented despite of resistance from certain quarters, including from moderate Malays. Many action plans are being prepared to empower our national language in a comprehensive manner. As for Islam as Federal religion, there is no compromises in taking action against those insulted the religion by the government. A Chinese man who insulted the Prophet Muhammad was jailed immediately.

Many Investigations against those insulted the religion are being carried out swiftly by the Police. Islamic Religious scholars such as Dr. Zakir Naik, Zamri Vinoth and many others are being protected and taken care against any attempts locally or internationally to arrest or stop their preaching, not to forgetting having dinner with foreign fugitive too. On the other hand, our Malaysians have been arrested under SOSMA with the reason that they are trying to revive a non existence organisation LTTE. At the same time, sanctity of the Monarchy system still being protected by the government and actions are being taken against those insulting our Malay Sultanates.

Withdrawing from Rome Statute in less than a month after signing is another example that PH government is actually care for the protection of Malay rights and always listening to their concerns. Furthermore, Malay Dignity Congress which was held recently where Malay leaders have reminded the Non-Malays about the ‘Social-Contract’ and warned the Non-Malays who are labelled as ‘Pendatang Asing’ not to question the rights and privileges of Malay people but just enjoy whatever have been given to them so far reiterated the special position of the Malay people in Malaysia. The presence and keynote address delivered by our PM Tun Mahathir in the Congress is actually another example that our government is giving special attention to the Malays in this country. Maybe PH is trying to be more Malay compared to UMNO and more Islamic than PAS.

Despite of all these, the government is now bailing out several financially ill institutions such as FELDA, Tabung Haji using billions of tax payers money due to the mismanagement of previous government. However, till today, the people who are responsible for these losses and mismanagement have not been arrested or charged except one or two. Malaysians didn’t vote for these bailouts especially when the government is keep telling that our national debts already reached RM1 trillion mark. In contrast, PM constantly keep telling that we can’t fulfill all our manifesto because we do not have money to do so and PH was not expected to win the last GE14.

He also said manifesto is not a ‘bible’ to fulfill everything. IC/BC and stateless issues that affecting Indian community and recognising UEC should have been resolved within 100 days of the formation of PH Government but no solid efforts taken so far. These are few of the promises that do not required even one ringgit to fulfil. Malaysians also waiting for a real change in our education system. Instead of fulfilling these promises, government is focusing in changing the school shoe color, introducing flying cars and Khat, reviving crooked bridge and introducing third national car which no where we could find in our manifesto.

However, with all these activities and affirmative actions taken by our Government since forming the federal government to please certain quarters, we really need to know what is the percentage of the support receives by our PH from the existing Malay community. A reliable survey should be conducted by the government to know whether the support from Malay Community has increased or decreased or remaining same to evaluate the outcome from these actions. At the same time, the survey also should study the percentage of the support PH government is receiving from the Non-Malays currently. We need to know whether the government is losing support from Non-Malays (including Moderate Malays) due to the actions against them just to please one particular community or these actions are not affecting them at all.

Isn’t it a valid question to be asked in order to evaluate ourselves whether we are being fair and impartial to the people who have supported us all these while? Are we not obliged to check ourselves whether we are administering the country in the right track as fantasised by Majority of Malaysians? Questions shouldn’t remain as questions. It’s time to revamp the whole PH government to avoid further damages. It’s time to welcome our new PM, Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim. I also would like to quote our beloved PM who said people representatives should not blindly follow the government but should be dare enough to question their actions in order to correct the mistakes they are doing, when necessary. I’m following his advice now.

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