Stop using Najib as the excuse for your failures

Danny Wong, Free Malaysia Today

I felt a deep sense of anger in the wake of Pakatan Harapan’s (PH) defeat in Tanjung Piai. Although predicted, no one expected PH to lose almost all its Chinese support.

The defeat is a slap in the face for DAP for politicising the Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman matching grant issue and for the delay in proposing UEC recognition to the Cabinet.

These are two obvious disappointments for most Chinese voters. Then again, there were many promises during the general election, some more relevant to Malaysians in general.

I am disappointed with the fact that instead of acknowledging the shortcomings, we were told that losing the next election would mean Najib Razak could go scot-free.

Are they using our hatred of corruption to blackmail us into continuing to support PH without any real effort for reform?

To a certain extent, this is like Barisan Nasional using “May 13” to keep the Chinese at bay in the past!

Before GE14, PH leaders promised bigger and more systematic allocations for vernacular schools. None other than the current finance minister even promised assistance of RM1,000 to each TAR UC student. It seems that not only have promises been forgotten, DAP has hit a new low by withdrawing the matching grant of RM30 million for Utar immediately after presenting the first national budget in 2018.

Despite the backlash from the Chinese community, he still refused to give the matching grant to Utar in the 2020 Budget.

He had the cheek to ask MCA to relinquish its control of Utar before considering resumption of the matching grant.

Utar is a result of the combined efforts of former Chinese leaders and the community in general. Although it was formed by MCA, there is no evidence that MCA ever used Utar for propaganda, to spread its ideology or blackmail for Chinese support.

Not all Chinese parents are financially capable of sending their children overseas or even to local private colleges for tertiary education. Our quota system (not meritocracy, even after PH taking power) at local public universities denies even some of the most deserving students a chance to further their studies.

Utar presented a realistic opportunity for Chinese youth to pursue quality education. In fact, some DAP leaders and ministers are also the products of Utar and TAR UC. Some DAP leaders are beneficiaries of these “MCA-linked” higher educational institutions.

Sensible Malaysians would not want Najib to go scot-free. But to threaten voters with Najib’s freedom is the lowest form of scare tactics used by DAP. It is like forcing us to choose between Najib and an inept PH government.

PH as well as DAP should use the next three years to institute real reforms as promised; to restore the independence of the three main institutions: the legislature, judiciary and executive. This way, whichever party is in power should not have influence over another institution. That is to say, the leaders of the ruling party cannot tell the police or judges what to do.

Stop using Najib as an excuse for your failures, whether finance or race related.

Stop using even Dr Mahathir Mohamad as your excuse. Read through your election manifesto, forget about those candy-coated nonsense baits, and start executing real reforms.