Mujahid is a big fat zero

(Siti Kasim) – Mujahid Rawa’s HardTalk with BBC should be re-titled a Conversation with the Minister of Useless Functions.

Throughout the conversation the Minister could not provide a single instance where his or his Ministry was of any use to make any change to any religious extremism taking place in Malaysia. NOTHING. A big fat zero.

He can only talk about promoting a version of Islam called “compassionate Islam”. So is the Islam currently practiced a cruel one? Is Islam already not a compassionate religion that you need to promote this new version? It was not just an embarrassing answer but an insult to Islam.

He kept referring to the old government policies as being at fault one year into this new government. Then he is useless.

He admits Zakir Naik is divisive and not appropriate for Malaysia and yet he does nothing and calls Zakir Naik who is a proponent of Muslims becoming terrorists an inspiration. And he has no power to do anything also? A PR is revocable by the Federal Government. What does he do? Calls this terrorist proponent an inspiration.

He has never defended the Sisters in Islam in any way shape or form. Meeting them is not a defense, you doofus. You don’t even provide a shield or express any denunciation on their persecution. What good are you? What good is your RM1 billion plus budget when your own staff calls for the killing of non-Muslims which you cannot deny. And you cant even say what action you take.

What have you done to stop these continued persecutions against the LGBT community? Nothing. Zilch.

Please resign and close shop. You and your whole department are worthless and a waste of taxpayers’ funds.