No response for Pakatan Harapan event at Tanjung Piai

(The Star) – Despite an event featuring a Pakatan Harapan minister and deputy minister, only about 50 people turned up at the “kopitiam forum”, which took place at Restoran Jiayibei here.

The forum had featured Defence Minister Mohamad Sabu, Deputy Defence Minister Liew Chin Tong, and Pekan Nenas assemblymen Yeo Tung Siong among others.

Mohamad, who was sported in a red Defence Ministry shirt and flanked by a security entourage, failed to pull crowds from Pekan Nenas, which is also known as a DAP stronghold in the Tanjung Piai constituency on Monday (Nov 4).

This was a stark contrast to Pakatan’s ability to attract a strong crowd of up to thousands during the 14th General Election campaigning period.

Audience Gan Boh Guan, 39, said that sentiments among the people have changed after Pakatan took federal power for a year.

“In fact, I will support Jeck Seng (MCA’s Datuk Seri Dr Wee Jeck Seng). He’s a good man and we always see him around, ” he added.

Lau Tien Long, 51, said by gauging sentiments among his friends and family members, Jeck Seng stands a good chance at winning the Tanjung Piai polls.

“For me it’s 50-50. But people here mostly support Jeck Seng, ” he said.

Chee Keong, 37, also said that it was rare to see such a low turn out,

as the ruling coalition managed to pull large crowds before it took federal power.

Tan Kian Wan, 55, said he is unlikely to support Pakatan candidate Karmaine Sardini, as he had never seen the 66-year-old candidate in the Tanjung Piai constituency before.

He said he would vote Barisan Nasional on Nov 16, pointing out that Jeck Seng had been a former MP of Tanjung Piai for two terms and he is a familiar face.

The Tanjung Piai polls will be a six-cornered fight between Pakatan’s Karmaine, Barisan’s Wee, Gerakan’s Wendy Subramaniam, Pan Malaysian Islamic Front (Berjasa)’s Badhrulhisham Abdul Aziz, and two independent candidates – Faridah Aryani Abdul Ghaffar and Ang Chuan Lock.