Anwar to help improve DAP’s negative image amongst the Malays

(FMT) – PKR president Anwar Ibrahim today said he was prepared to work with all parties, including DAP, despite the Malay community’s wariness towards the party.

Speaking at the Federal Territories PKR convention today, Anwar said the general Malay community’s reservations of DAP were unjustified as Islam teaches its adherents to spread peace and uphold justice.

“I go to many places and Malays say to me, ‘Anwar, you are okay but you are too close to DAP’. Many say this.

“I say what’s wrong (with working with DAP).”

The Port Dickson MP said his enemies were only those who oppress others and misuse their power to steal from the people.

“These are my enemies; that is why we have fought for a long time. I do not make enemies with anyone. So, if you are a good Hindu, a good Buddhist, I will not be your enemy.

“Oppose those who oppress — that is what I learn from my religion.”

Anwar also reminded some PKR leaders not to forget their roots when they became national leaders.

“I myself am not guaranteed of a victory, so remember, don’t be so presumptuous. We’ve won because we stood on the PKR platform.

“You became a candidate, rose and became known across the country because of the party. Don’t forget that when you hold this or that position.”

Later on, when asked whether he was referring to anyone in particular in his speech, Anwar told reporters that it was just a general reminder to all leaders.

He said he himself became president only with the support of the members, who were there for the party even in hard times.