Hadi: Sad that only Malays are called racist

PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang complained last night that only the Malay community was called racist over remarks about its rights.

(MMO) – He said those challenging the community’s rights and demanding those of their own escaped such accusations, making it seem as though Malays no longer have rights in their homeland.

“If Malays are racist, then from the start the foreign races would not have gotten citizenship, political rights to become parliamentarians, mentri besar or chief minister, to control the economy, to practise their religion freely, to vernacular education until this point.

“Although the May 13, 1969 event occurred, tempers were cooled without protracted violence because of the nature of the Malay-Muslims to present Islam as the religion of peace. Unfortunately, even this non-coercive preaching of Islam was challenged.

“Remember! Islam teaches the Malays that patience has its limits. Only Malays who are too foolish, weak in their faith or have lost their race’s soul are so blind as not to see that they are losing their own identify in their own land,” he wrote on Facebook.

Hadi’s extensive post did not specify which rights the Malay community were demanding or were under challenge. He also did not say why such legal rights could be abrogated.

The post touched indirectly on several topics but appeared design to present the alliance between Hadi’s PAS and Umno as the true defenders of the Malay-Muslims.

He said the alliance signified the emergence of a new movement to demand the return of Malay rights that were ostensibly under challenge.

The alliance of the country’s two largest Malay-Muslim parties has fuelled concerns that it would feed the racial and religious polarisation of the country.

Earlier this week, the Pakatan Harapan secretariat issued a statement warning that unnamed parties would attempt to play up racial and religious sentiments heading into the November 16 by-election in Tanjung Piai, Johor.