Bersatu man: DAP reps backing Hew represent M’sians or Communist Party?

(Malaysiakini) – Bersatu Youth exco Mohd Ashraf Mustaqim Badrul Munir has fired back at DAP grassroots, including five assemblypersons, for attacking Education Minister Maszlee Malik’s decision to block attempts to circulate a comic book in schools, authored by former DAP activist Hew Kuan Yau.

“Some DAP leaders supporting the stupid Superman should ask themselves what is the basis of their struggle? Do they hold on to Malaysians values with conviction and sincerity or are they aligned with the Communist Party of China?”  Ashraf (above) said in reference to Hew, who describes himself as “Superman”.

Comic book on China’s Belt and Road Initiative contained a favourable narrative towards China and described Malays supporting ethnic Uyghurs in China, purportedly being forced into re-education camps by Beijing, as “radicals”.

Following Maszlee move, DAP grassroots backed Hew (photo) and questioned if Maszlee was a representative of Pakatan Harapan or Umno.

Among those who signed the statement were DAP Youth secretary Eric Teh, Selangor DAP Youth deputy chief Koo Jeng Teng and Sabah Youth and Sports Minister Phoong Jin Zhe.

Four Pahang DAP assemblypersons also signed it, including Chiong Yoke Kong (Tanah Rata), Chow Yu Hui (Tras), Lee Chin Chen (Bilut) dan Leong Yu Man (Triang).

Defending Maszlee’s decision, Ashraf pointed out that the comic was never approved by the Education Ministry and the decision to block its circulation in schools in accordance with good governance.

He added that if the DAP leaders who backed Hew are sincere to Harapan’s cause, which upholds the Federal Constitution, then they should be loyal to Malaysian values.

Hew had in July 2016 quit the DAP after sparking controversy with his comment claiming that the South China Sea belonged to China.

While no longer officially a DAP member, Hew still maintains a close relationship with the party.

DAP chairperson Tan Kok Wai, who is also the Malaysia-China Business Council (MCBC) chairperson, had in January appointed Hew as the MCBC chief executive officer.

While in the opposition, he was known for his firebrand ceramah often laced with foul words.