The Government Needs To Regulate The Chaotic Gig Economy

Salleh Said

1. In the UK, the backbone of the food industry is takeaway and deliveries. This takeaway business depends almost entirely on the gig economy because fixed salaried workers cost too much due to the very high minimum wage.

2. This means that the job goes to the delivery boys, who are self-employed or freelancers. They earn a commission per delivery, rather than a fixed wage.

3. In Malaysia, the gig economy is beginning to become popular over the past few years with the rise of digital platforms that create marketplaces to connect service providers with customers.

4. This also provides an abundance of income opportunities for freelancers. However, there is much to be done to ensure that no exploitation occurs.

5. While self-employment means you are not the employee of the company, and that it also means you do not get the benefit of protection under the minimum wage law, workers still need to be offered justice and fairness and be ensured they are not exploited.