Budget 2020: Stop kidding yourself and buck up

Raggie Jessy Rithaudeen

Note: A critical error regarding the estimated number of unemployed fresh graduates was corrected.

Pakatan Harapan is singing praises of Budget 2020. Barisan Nasional, however, is calling it a huge disappointment, making specific notes of the reduced growth rate and senseless ‘fuel subsidy’ scheme. While I do agree that the subsidy scheme is a “big joke,” the budget definitely hit a chord or two with the youth and may be bad news for Barisan Nasional if not handled well.

How so?

The Government of Malaysia announced the Graduates@Work programme, a programme that promises unemployed grads who secure jobs a wage incentive of RM500 per month for a duration of two years. The programme also promises companies that hire these graduates a RM300 per month “hiring incentive” for the same duration. Graduates@Work is one among four initiatives, the remaining three being women@work, locals@work and apprentice@work.