Let cops decide on ‘Malaysia for Malays’ speech, Waytha says (WITH VIDEO)

(FMT) – Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department P Waytha Moorthy today said he would leave it to the authorities to probe a controversial speech made at the Malay Dignity Congress on Sunday.

Waytha, who is in charge of national unity, appeared reluctant to speak about the congress which was attended by Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad and leaders from Umno and PAS.

“I am made to believe that some people have lodged police reports. Let the authorities decide on it,” he said when asked if the remarks by chief organiser Zainal Kling were detrimental to national unity.

Waytha was speaking to reporters after officiating a forum on the Rukun Negara here.

Zainal had said at the event that Malaysia is for the Malays, just as Thailand is for the Thais, China is for the Chinese, and India for the Indians.


He also reminded other communities of the social contract they have with the Malays, and said the Malays, whom he claimed had “inherited the country for over 5,000 years”, could always suspend their social contract with non-Malays.

He also said that the Malays were the rightful owners of the land.

His remarks drew fire from various quarters, with Klang MP Charles Santiago asking if they constitute hate speech.

The Penang Society for Tamil Advancement subsequently lodged a report against Zainal.

Waytha also refused to comment on Mahathir’s statement that the Malays had been forced to accept foreigners during British rule in exchange for independence.

“I don’t want to comment on anything and I hope that today’s event can be highlighted,” he said.