Anwar says OK for non-Malay to be finance minister

(FMT) – PKR president Anwar Ibrahim said the post of finance minister is not meant exclusively for the Malays but for those who are competent at the job.

His response comes after a speaker at the Malay Dignity Congress had called for the position to be helmed by a Malay.

Anwar, who is a former finance minister, said that despite the current minister, Lim Guan Eng, being of Chinese origin, he is a minister for all Malaysians regardless of race.

“Besides being qualified, the finance minister must be competitive and one who cares for the welfare of the Malays, Bumiputeras and all Malaysians,” he told reporters at the parliament lobby today.

Yesterday, Pasir Mas MP Ahmad Fadli Shaari told the congress that Malays should hold the top posts in the country and states.

Among the posts, he said, are those of the prime minister, deputy prime minister, the finance, defence, education and home affairs ministers and heads of the local councils.