No attacks on Chinese and Indians, how can congress be racist, asks Dr M

(FMT) – Dr Mahathir Mohamad today dismissed criticisms that the Malay Dignity Congress is racist, saying there were no attacks on the Chinese and Indians.

At a press conference after the congress, Mahathir also denied that the event was political in nature as those who attended came from various political parties, NGOs and universities.

They came as Malays who wanted to restore Malay dignity, he added.

“It’s not racist. In fact, we criticised Malays on how they ended up like this.”

Earlier, delegates mooted resolutions calling for top government positions to be held only by Muslims and for certain exemptions from the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) to be given to Malays who obtained excellent results.

“The resolutions reflect the feelings of the Malays.

“Obviously, Malays are worried about their future and concerned they are not looked up to like others.”

However, he said the government was not obliged to accept the resolutions.

“We will look at what we can do and can’t do.”

Mahathir also said he had attended similar congresses of other races and that no one had stopped him before.

“I am also going to open the Hakka Congress for the whole world; no Malays will be there.”

Mahathir also said he hoped the Malays don’t have to keep discussing the community’s problems.

“It’s for them (Malays) to make use of the opportunities, work hard and share the wealth of the country.”