I wasn’t invited, says Anwar on Malay congress

(FMT) – PKR chief Anwar Ibrahim said he was not invited to the Malay Dignity Congress this Sunday, where Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad and PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang are expected to attend.

“I did not receive any invitation and I will be preoccupied elsewhere,” he told reporters after a dialogue session with UiTM students here.

Organisers say the congress, to be held at the Malawati Stadium here, is aimed at addressing problems faced by the Malays including those related to education, religion, culture, politics and the economy.

Anwar said it was important to ensure the gathering does not raise political temperatures or racial tensions, adding that among advocates of the weekend event were those from the previous administration.

“Some of them were strong supporters of the old regime and have strong racial sentiments and we must be careful,” he said.

“If the objective is good, I have no problem.”

Anwar also brushed aside speculation that the congress is organised by those aligned with former finance minister Daim Zainuddin in a bid to derail his appointment as prime minister.

“You must ask Daim. I am not involved,” he said, but added that he did not think there is any attempt to stop him from taking over the top post.

When contacted, Zainal Kling, who is organising the gathering on Sunday, said invitations are open to all politicians including Anwar.

“We did not send specific invitations. We invited Mahathir to deliver the opening address,” he told FMT.