True Cause of Seafield temple riotings

KTemoc Konsiders

Reading the news on the Seafield Tragedy I obtain the views that matters are not so simply laid out as the Inquest has announced, that there was criminality involved in the murder of Fireman Muhammad Adib Mohd Kassim.

Coroner said that if the police had done their duties, there would not have been a raging fire at the temple which then would not have required the fire service which then would not have involved firemen which then would not have put Fireman Adib at the sharp end, and which then would not have ended in his tragedy. Such was the lamentable chain of events leading to the brutal bashing and murder of poor Adib.

And it’s a murder that now still needs tdo be proven beyond reasonable doubt by a police who was poor performing in the first place, and whose investigation into the murder now I trust won’t end up in a farce of further brutality and forced confessions.

But the public views are still very diverse, depending on ethnicity.

Whilst the Ummah rejoices in the coroner’s findings that Adib was murdered, some Hindu’s are unhappy, pointing their fingers to the developers who allegedly brought in thugs to “… desecrate the Hindu temple while the devotees were praying …” presumably to remove Hindus from the temple designed for demolition. And thus a “riot” broke out between unauthorised “demolishers” and “temple defenders”.

Not only that, temple sympathisers claimed some politicians stirred further sh*t by attributing the riots to a racial clash.

Whilst one may term the clash as ‘religious’ there’;s no denying it was also ‘racial’, but such arguments aside, poor Adib perished under wicked brutal circumstances for a first line responder. It’s eff-ing different from the Kerling situation and I detest such blind aggravations which sadly killed a fireman.

Even if true that developers sent in thugs to chase away devotees, many Temple-Stay sympathisers FAILED to ponder for a moment why they did so (wrong as that was).