The Western Hypocrisy Concerning Free Speech

Salleh Said

1. What Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said two days ago is true. The West attacks Mahathir for exercising his right to freedom of speech but at the same time, they defend cartoons insulting Prophet Muhammad as their right to freedom of speech. Why must the West demand the entire world live by their standards and definition of free speech, while totally ignoring the sensitivities of others?

2. The Western hypocrisy and double standards are appalling. This appears to be how the West operates. They attack other countries without any regards for the suffering of the citizens of those countries, using “the war on terror” as an excuse. If the same is done to them, they will call it terrorism. Basically the West uses terrorism to fight terrorism.

3. Mahathir is known as someone who speaks his mind. He even organised a conference to get the so-called war on terror, such as the one in Iraq, declared as a criminal act. Since then many Iraqis have suffered, and many more are still suffering until today. The toll has been very high, not only those who have been killed during the war but the millions who are now refugees and are dying from disease and hunger on a daily basis.