Lim Kit Siang is playing the race card yet again

Raja Sara Petra

Lim Kit Siang has accused Puteri Umno Vice-Chief Nurul Amal Mohd Fauzi of “planting another explosive during a ceramah in Kelantan last night”, referring to her comment about an incident in Penang involving a man who had run amok and was shot dead by the police.

What is Kit Siang’s reason for raising this if not because he wants to play the race card? Kit Siang pretends he is raising what Nurul Amal said to denounce the race card whereas the truth is Kit Siang is raising this to play the race card. This has always been Kit Siang’s style of playing the race card while pretending he is doing the opposite.

If Kit Siang is so concerned about the race card why keep repeating that 97% of the Chinese voted Pakatan Harapan and that a Malay alliance of Umno-PAS is a racist and extremist alliance? When Malays unite it is racism and religious extremism. Is this not playing the race card?

I did not hear Kit Siang say one word when DAP leaders said they need to use Malays to fight Malays and they need to use Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad to end Unmo’s rule. It is time Kit Siang stop playing the race card. When you keep talking about Chinese support and about splitting Malays that is racism. Kit Siang is a dangerous person and if he does not stop what he is doing Malaysia is going to face dire consequences.