Rayer resigns as fake MyKad syndicate lawyer under a cloud of controversy

(MMO) – Jelutong MP RSN Rayer said he will no longer represent a businessman charged with selling identity papers to foreigners, following criticism against him and DAP.

His role in the controversial case had allowed political rivals to cast aspersions against him and his party over what is effectively the sale of citizenships to foreigners, which some have called treason.

The Penang-based criminal lawyer applied to the Sessions Court today to withdraw from representing Datuk Lai Chin Wah in the case effective today.

“I want to stress that I am not intimidated by any threats towards me personally on my involvement as a defence lawyer in this case but I do not want this to be used by irresponsible parties to make false allegations against DAP, the Pakatan Harapan government and other Pakatan Harapan leaders,” he said.

He said he made his decision after careful consideration.

Rayer also explained that he had been appointed as Lai’s defence lawyer on September 18 by the businessman’s family.

“My presence in court as his lawyer on September 18 has led to other political parties to question my appointment as a defence lawyer in this case,” he said in a statement today.

He stressed that there was no conflict of interest in him defending Lai despite being a lawmaker with the PH government.

Rayer argued that he was not prohibited by law from representing any accused person in court and added that Lai has not been convicted of any crime.

The Malaysian Bar previously defended Rayer’s representation of Lai, saying any accused person was constitutionally entitled to a sound legal defence regardless of his charges.

Lai was one of six individuals, including an assistant director from Penang National Registration Department, who were faced with a total 32 charges of selling forged MyKad and Malaysian birth certificates to foreigners.

Lai is facing three charges under the Anti-Trafficking in Persons and Anti-Smuggling of Migrants Act 2007 for selling a forged Malaysian birth certificate, MyKad and passport to foreign national, Ewe Chor Beng.

He was also charged with abetting National Registration Department assistant director, Mohd Faizul Arifin, to forge the Malaysian birth certificate and MyKad for Ewe Chor Beng.