Mohd Redzuan slammed for defending ‘Buy Muslim Products’ movement

(The Star) – MCA has slammed Entrepreneur Development Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Redzuan for defending the “Buy Muslim Products” movement.

In a press release on Saturday (Sept 21), MCA vice president Datuk Ti Lian Ker said that those who voted for Pakatan Harapan had been let down by Mohd Redzuan.

Ti added that Mohd Redzuan did not seem bothered about how such a campaign was contrary to the values espoused by Pakatan and said that it would be unhealthy when it came to building bridges among the ethnic groups in Malaysia.

He reiterated MCA’s stand that any campaign to boycott goods or businesses along racial or religious lines was unhealthy for the nation.

“A wiser recommendation would be to support the growth of local talent via a ‘Buy Malaysian Products’ campaign, irrespective of the faith professed,” said Ti.

Ti also asked if DAP would take a bold stand by sanctioning Mohd Redzuan during Cabinet meetings.

Mohd Redzuan reportedly said that the campaign was not wrong if it did not boycott other products and that the racial tension stirred by the campaign was due to misunderstanding about it.

“It is not wrong for a campaign to buy Muslim or non-Muslim goods because it is up to the consumer’s own decision-making abilities.

“It is not wrong to campaign – the choice is that of consumers to buy Muslim or non-Muslim products. This is an open market,” Mohd Redzuan was quoted as saying by Bernama during a programme in Melaka on Friday (Sep 20).