Ti: MCA will not declare war on Umno-PAS pact like DAP

MCA will not follow DAP’s declaration of war against the political cooperation between Umno and PAS, its vice-president Datuk Seri Ti Lian Ker said today.

(The Sun Daily) – He said the party would not pretend that there is no racial or religious political divide in Malaysia.

“We do not want an apartheid-like politics in Malaysia whereby cooperation with or among certain religion or race is seen to be a ‘taboo’ or ‘forbidden’,” he said in a statement.

“In the spirit of our founder of Malaysia, we must attempt to build inter-racial inter-religious understanding, cooperation and tolerance.”

There are common issues and platforms that political parties should work on, Ti said on the political approaches in the country after the singing of the Umno-PAS unity charter.

This is especially so in Malaysia when political parties are identified by race or religion, he pointed out.

“DAP attempted to project a multiracial facade but they are in reality a Chinese party with a multiracial facade and dressing,” Ti said.

“MCA will continue to uphold this spirit of our founding members provided that the Constitution and its spirit is not being trespassed or trampled.”

Although MCA has suffered collateral damage it is continuing with our belief that the way forward is about cooperation, tolerance and mutual respect and understanding, he added.