Khalid Samad still does not forgive Dr Mahathir for Memali

(FMT) – Parti Amanah’s communications director Khalid Samad has chided PAS secretary-general Takiyuddin Hassan for saying that the families of those killed in the Memali incident in Baling, Kedah, more than 30 years ago had forgiven Umno’s mistakes.

He said the newly forged political alliance between PAS and Umno “does not undo the tragedy”.

“His statement gives the impression that the incident was political, and when the two parties make peace, there is no longer an issue,” Khalid, who is also the Federal Territories minister, told reporters after an event at the Federal Territories Mosque here today.

He said lives were lost and there were many lessons to be learnt.

In the incident at Kampung Memali, 14 villagers and four policemen were killed and many others injured.

Violence erupted when the villagers tried to protect religious preacher and local PAS leader Ibrahim Mahmud, also known as Ibrahim Libya, from arrest under the Internal Security Act (ISA) for alleged deviant teachings.

Last night, Takiyuddin said he was confident the families of those who had died during the tragedy had forgiven Umno for their involvement in the incident.

He appeared to downplay the tragedy, saying it was not an issue that was brought up leading to the launch of the PAS-Umno alliance charter at the Unity of Ummah Assembly tomorrow to be held at PWTC.

Takiyuddin said he came to such a conclusion based on the response from the victims’ families and also division and district PAS members.

He said the PAS division in Baling had conducted programmes with Umno since early last year, which were also attended by the family members.

Takiyuddin added that the Memali incident was seen as a “small issue” compared to the  bigger agendas involving the two largest Malay parties in the country.