A trip forever etched in my mind (VIDEO)

This is thus far the most beautiful and memorable video I have made to date about the trip we made to an Orang Asli settlement. The experience was simply priceless. we spent time teaching, we played, we ate, we helped and we inspired. that was what this trip was all about. It was also about finding ourselves and about giving back to society.

After 2 days 1 night, I was ready to go home, to the comforts of modern living and civilisation. But for the Orang Asli that is their home, without proper toilets, proper education, or proper healthcare.

We brought books, games, food, doctors and dentists for the Orang Asli. And we brought home flowers picked by the little girls. This is where I learnt a small gesture can go a long way.

It was sad to see the disparity the Orang Asli face compared to the life we enjoy. Yet they are grateful for their meagre lifestyle while we who have plenty are ungrateful and grumble endlessly.

We should make it our education policy that all schoolchildren should spend a week with the Orang Asli without any TV, phone and internet and living under the most primitive conditions. Then maybe they would not complain about every little thing as if it is the end of the world.